Liza and Dyma are brother and sister who came together from Ukraine. They have been students at the Alliance Française de Bordeaux since June 2023, alongside their studies at university. They tell us about their journey from Odessa to Bordeaux and how to integrate successfully in France. This was made possible by their learning of French through the Campus France programme.

The need to know the language

“Learning French was a necessity because we moved to Bordeaux. At that point, I realised that if you wanted to integrate well in France and in society, you had to learn French well if you wanted to feel at ease“.

“The school is really very pleasant. The teachers teach in a very interesting way and there are also great cultural activities for foreigners.”

“We followed the Campus France programme. This is a programme run by the French government to help foreigners, especially Ukrainians, to learn the language for a future in France and to make life in France easier. For the time being, we’ve decided to go ahead with it.

  • Discover their favourite French words and expressions by watching their video testimonials in French:
From Odessa (UKR) to Bordeaux (FR)

“It was our mother who chose to come to Bordeaux. After doing some research on the internet, she realised that this city was very similar to our home town of Odessa. Because there’s the ocean not too far away and the architecture is also similar.”

Our favourite activity was the French Apéro with all the other Alliance Française students. It’s the best way to share together outside school and learn how to integrate well in France”.

“Our 3 words to describe our experience here are unforgettable, incredible and a bit challenging but for a good cause.”
  • Discover their favourite French words and expressions by watching their video testimonial in Ukrainian:

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