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Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription
  • What are the conditions for an admission to the Alliance française Bordeaux Aquitaine?
    There are no requirements in terms of qualifications to study at the Alliance française Bordeaux Aquitaine. We accept people aged from 18 years old.
  • How far in advance do I need to register?
    2 weeks minimum before classes starts.

    To register, you need to send us: the completed enrolment form + payment for the course (including course price + enrolment fee) + bank charges (if paying by bank transfer outside Europe) + your completed level test.

    If you need a certificate of registration to apply for a visa, you must register minimum one month and a half in advance.

  • How can I pay for my stay?
    You can pay in euros, by credit card (online or on site), by cheque, Eurocheque, Traveller Cheque, bank transfer or cash (on site). Payment must be made before the beginning of the course.
  • Can we make the payment on the first day of the course?
    No, you must have paid the course beforehand.
  • Can we get the certificate of enrolment without making the payment?
    Non, you must have paid the course beforehand.
  • Our bank details

    • Banque BNP Parisbas Bordeaux Chapeau Rouge – 40 cours du Chapeau Rouge – 33 000 Bordeaux
    • IBAN code: FR76 3000 4003 2000 01 01 94 77 670
    • (bank code 30004 – branch code 00320 – account number 00010194776 – RIB key 70)

Your arrival in France
  • How do I obtain my visa?
    We recommend you to contact the French Embassy or Consulate in your country to find out how to obtain a visa.

    The Alliance Française will provide you a registration certificate which allows you to apply for a long-stay student visa at the Embassy or Consulate.

    You can consult the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Please note that if you wish to apply for a residence permit upon your arrival in Bordeaux, you must apply for a student visa.

  • Will I be reimbursed if I don't get my visa?
    Yes, your payment will be refunded. We will deduct the sum of 60 euros for administrative costs.
  • How many times can I apply for a postponement?
    You can delay your stay only once
  • Do I need to take out insurance before my departure?
    Yes, you must take out insurance to cover your civil liability, illness, accident and medical repatriation.

    You can contact our insurance partner.

Your arrival in Bordeaux
  • How to get to Bordeaux from abroad?
    You can come to Bordeaux by train, planeor coach.
  • Who is in charge of welcoming me when I arrive in Bordeaux?
    If you are staying with a host family, the family will pick you up at the train station or the airport (see the conditions for staying with a family).

    If you are accommodated in a hotel or residence, you must organize yourself. The residences can show you the bus or tramway connections.

  • What activities are available outside class ?
    We offer a wide range of cultural activities outside the classroom, including visits to Bordeaux and its monuments, wine tasting, exhibitions, concerts, sporting activities and excursions. A monthly program of activities is available on our Culture page.
  • If I choose an accommodation with a family, how far will I be from the Alliance Française?
    Our host families are mainly located in the city center. The distance can vary from a 5 minutes walk to 30 minutes by bus.
  • Can I work at the same time as I take classes at the Alliance?
    If you have a long-stay student visa, you are allowed to work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Is there an internet access in the school?
    Yes, there are 4 computers with 30-minute free access period and a WIFI network. Our resource center is equipped with 8 connected computers.
Your lessons
  • How can I find out my French level?
    When you register, you will take a written test to find out your level. The tests are corrected by our teachers.
  • Do you have classes for all levels?
    Yes, we have courses for all levels; for beginners, there are 6 sessions per year.
  • When can I start my courses?
    Courses take place all year round. The AF operates in 4-week sessions and courses usually start on a Monday. You can register for a minimum of one week.
  • Combien d'étudiants y a-t-il dans une classe ?
    A class accommodates between 10 and 16 students maximum.
  • What is the average age of the students?
    The average age of the students is 25 years old. The minimum age required is 18.
  • What teaching method is used?
    Depending on the course chosen, the teacher uses French as a Foreign Language textbooks whose contents respect the methodology and progression defined by the CEFR: Cosmopolite (Hachette), Edito (Didier) or Défi (Maison des Langues). The teachers also use all types of teaching materials (audio, video, etc.).

    Your teacher will tell you which book to buy (cost: about €26) after your first class.

    You can buy these manuals in paper or digital form:

    • At the Mollat bookshop if you are staying in Bordeaux
    • By looking for a distributor or buying a digital version if you live abroad: Cosmopolite (Hachette), Edito (Didier) or Défi (Maison des Langues)

    You should also use paper and a pencil!

  • Can I take holidays or change my course dates?
    La période indiquée sur le certificat d’inscription ne peut pas être modifiée sauf cas de force majeure.
  • Do you have special courses for au pairs?
    No but we have a special Au Pair pricing.
  • How to make a complaint?
    You can fill in the complaint form and hand it in at reception or email it to us at