Coming from Spain, Pedro needs French to launch his career in diplomacy, where the language is compulsory. He tells us how to learn French fast in 3 steps thanks to the Alliance Française de Bordeaux.

Step 1: An effective methodology

“Hello, I’m Pedro, I’m Spanish. I’m a student preparing for a state exam in Spain to become a diplomat, and French is compulsory to pass the exam.

I chose the Alliance Française because I had recommendations from Spain. They told me that the methodology was ideal to learn French fast.”

“The way French is taught is ideal for improving quickly in an intensive way.”

“After 4 months here, I think the school is very good. I love all the teachers. The methodology is really good.”

Step 2: Creating bonds

“I chose Bordeaux because I love wine and it’s the wine capital of the world. I also really like Paris, but it’s very big and expensive for an immersion course, and Bordeaux is like ‘Little Paris‘.

My first impression of the region was very good, as the climate was ideal and sunny in September and October. I find the town very beautiful and the surrounding environment too, like St Emilion or the Dune du Pylat.”

“I love the combination of learning French and enjoying France.”

“I’ve taken part in almost all the Alliance’s activities because I’m very social. But my favourite part is the evenings because it’s the ideal place to meet other students, share ideas and the best way to improve your French while having fun.”

  • Find out how to learn French fast with Pedro’s video testimonial in French:
Step 3: Total immersion in a host family

“I’m staying with a host family here in Bordeaux, so I’ve also learnt the way of life here, the habits. The host family is a splendid way of learning and progressing in French, as we all eat together. It happens very naturally. For example, in Spain, mealtimes are very late, so here I’ve had to adapt to this new way of eating and living.

I also think that there are very strong cultural values here and I was able to fit in thanks to all the cultural activities that were offered at school.”

“The host family is a splendid way to learn and progress in French.”

“My 3 words to describe AF are the teachers, the atmosphere and the commitment.

Finally, my favourite expression is “pas mal” because it’s used for everything in France. Here, we never say it’s ‘good’, it’s just ‘pas mal’ (not bad), and I find that very funny and practical to use.”

  • Find out how to learn French quickly with Pedro’s video testimonial in Spanish:

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