Read what Anna has to say about her moving from UK to France. She started her new life with the Alliance Française of Bordeaux, taking intensive courses at C1 level for 4 weeks.

The Alliance Française as a starting point

“Hi, my name is Anna. I’m from England, I’m 30 and I’m an architect.

I’d like to learn French because I love the language. I love the country so I’d like to move to France and live here. Also, I’ve been offered a job in Bordeaux so I’d like to learn the language so I can work in French.”

“It’s very interesting to hear and understand everyone’s different opinions depending on their culture.”

“I chose Alliance Française because I looked around a bit for schools here in Bordeaux and found the offers that suited me best here.

The school and the courses are very interesting and varied. I find it interesting that in class we study very different subjects such as artificial intelligence, mental health and emigration. There’s a wide range of subjects that we can share with all the other students who come from all over the world.

Bordeaux as a destination

“I chose Bordeaux because I lived in London for a few years and wanted a change of environment. In Bordeaux, there’s the beach, the mountains not far away… So I thought about moving to France here. I was also lucky with my job offer here and with Alliance Française I can discover the city before starting my job.

My first impression was that Bordeaux city is really nice. There are lots of things to do and different neighbourhoods. People are very friendly. The people I met on arrival welcomed me straight away.

For the region in general, I really like it because there’s a lot of different wine and food that I love.”

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Discovering and adapting to French culture

“I’ve done a lot of cultural activities with the Alliance Française here. I preferred the tasting evening I had during my first week. Because I learnt a lot about French food and culture. I was able to try things like oysters and cannelés. But there were also products that other students from all over the world brought to the party, so it was a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed going to the ice hockey match. It was really cool! We watched the Bordeaux team win against the Angers team.
Finally, I went on an excursion to St Emilion with the school. It was very interesting: we visited the village and also tasted some wine. So it was great!”

“Il y a encore du pain sur la planche…”

I learnt more than just French at Alliance Française because I also learnt about the culture during the activities. For example, I also went on a guided tour of the city where I learnt a lot of history about Bordeaux. But the most important thing for me, the most interesting thing, was that I’ve learnt a lot from the diversity of international students who come to the school. In class, we study very important subjects from everyday life and it’s interesting to share ideas with people from different cultures all over the world”.

An inspiring experience

“In 3 words, I would say that the Alliance Française de Bordeaux is very interesting, challenging and varied.

My favourite French expression that I learned here is « Il y a encore du pain sur la planche ». Literally, there’s still bread on the board, which means there’s still a lot of work to be done, I think it’s funny because bread is very French, so I love that phrase.”

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