Would you like to develop your French skills and use your CPF (Personal Training Account)? Would you like to finance a French language certificate or diploma?

Our French courses in person or online (distance learning) and the TCF IRN diploma that we offer are recognized and eligible for CPF.

In order to benefit from CPF financing, the French course taken must be validated by passing the TCF IRN.

The CPF (Personal Training Account), for what and for whom?

It allows any person, employee or job seeker, to follow, on their own initiative, a training course leading to a qualification or certificate.

It accompanies its holder from the moment he enters professional life, throughout his career until retirement. Any activity of half-time or more over the whole year can be credited to your CPF.

Each year your account is automatically credited and increased by €500 if you worked full time. The maximum amount is €5,000.

It is funded by €800/year (maximum €8,000) for low-skilled workers and employees recognised as disabled. If you work less than half-time, your rights are calculated in proportion to your working time.

It is automatically credited at the beginning of the year following the year worked (thus the rights acquired in 2020 will be available in the first quarter of 2021). The rights remain acquired even in the event of a change of employer or loss of employment. Read more about it here.

It is accessible on Mon compte formation.

How can I use my CPF?

The use of the CPF is entirely up to you. Your employer cannot therefore force you to use your CPF to finance training.

  • If you wish to follow the training during your working time, you must contact your employer and ask for permission 60 calendar days before the start of the training if it lasts less than 6 months, or 120 calendar days before the start of the training if it lasts more than 6 months. Your employer has 30 days (calendar days) to respond to your request. If no reply is received, your application is considered accepted.
  • If you wish to follow the training outside working hours, you do not need to ask your employer’s agreement and can mobilise your training rights freely. You continue to benefit from social protection for accidents at work.

Coverage of training costs :

The costs of the training are covered up to your available CPF amount.

Top up your CPF: If the amount in your kitty is insufficient to fully fund your chosen training course, you can obtain additional funding from your employer (co-financing) or from another funder (OPCO for example). For job seekers, you can apply to Pôle Emploi for additional funding.

Instructions for using my CPF with AF Bordeaux :

  1. Log on to www.moncompteformation.gouv and activate your account.
  2. Find a course in the tab “I find a course and I register”, and enter in the search field the keywords: French as a foreign language (FLE), TCF IRN.
  3. Choose ‘in-centre’ or ‘distance learning’.
  4. Fill in the postcode 33000 BORDEAUX. Click on the blue arrow: the available courses are displayed on the screen.
  5. Filter your search by adding the name of the organisation: Alliance Française Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  6. Do not hesitate to consult this help page to learn everything about the personal training account.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at af@alliance-bordeaux.org !