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Professional training



You want to learn or improve your proficiency in French for professional purposes?

You can use your personal training account, or have your training course financed by Pôle Emploi or your company.

All of our courses are eligible for professional training funding.

Personal Training Account
  • Employees

You want to improve your proficiency in French and want your course to be financed?

All of our courses are eligible for professional training funding and recognized for their quality.
Your personal training account (Compte Personnel de Formation or CPF) allows you to acquire rights for professional training that you can use throughout your professional life. You retain these rights even if you change employers or lose your job.

The account belongs to you and you can use it as you wish. It gives you the opportunity to have your training course financed according to your available credit.

If you are an employee, each year your account is automatically credited and increased by 500€ if you worked full-time. The maximum amount is €5,000.
The account is credited with additional 800€ for low-skilled and handicapped workers. The maximum amount is €8,000.
If you work less than half-time, your rights are calculated in proportion to your working time.

The personal training account website to create your account.

You are a public service employee? Here is the link to create your account.

The Alliance Française Bordeaux will assist you for the creation of your account and the funding of your training course!

Job seekers
  • You are looking for a job and you want to improve your proficiency in French?

The AF Bordeaux will help you create your training project with financing from Pôle Emploi. You can complete the financing with your CPF if needed.

  • You want your employees to improve their proficiency in French?

We can assist you in developing a training project for your employees, and create a tailor-made pedagogical program adapted to your constraints (courses on-site, online, in our premises; schedules according to the availability of your employees; budget). As our establishment is referenced on the datadock, the cost of our training courses can be financed by your referring OPCO.