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Opening on Tuesday, November 6 at 1pm - At AF Bordeaux - Free admission
Following the writing of his book, with Claude Ader-Martin, "Bordeaux, Québec, regards croisés sur les deux cités", Philippe Roy presents a Regards Croisés between Bordeaux and Québec through a photographic exhibition.

This exhibition thus compares different places in Bordeaux and Quebec with their similarities but also their differences.



AFBA language cafes

Every month - La grande poste, espace improbable

AFBA language cafes are a great opportunity to practise languages, meet new people and share good times in pleasant surroundings. The first two events of 2017 saw almost 50 participants of various nationalities at each one.




EUNIC "Speak Dating"

26th septembre 2018 - Goethe Institut

On European Languages Day, EUNIC Bordeaux Aquitaine have invited locals and foreign students to speak European languages in a friendly, welcoming environment. Language workshops during the evening.                     

Exhibition - Emmanuel FAZEMBAT 
Donner à voir le bassin autrement

After making an exibition in the Arcachon Bay, during all the summer, the artist Emmanuel FAZEMBAT is came show his work at the Alliance Française. 


The aim of his work is to show a different vision of Arcachon Bay's Landscape and bring to people to a natural environment. 


Emmanuel Fazembat



Movie projection "A court d'enfants" de Marie-Hélène Roux

A court d'enfants de Marie-Hélène Roux

25th  March 2018 - Musée d'Aquitaine

As part of the film serie « Mémoire en images », on the subject of migrations, the Alliance Française proposes the Marie-Hélène Roux medium-length film viewing « A court d’enfants » (2014, 42 min). The screening was followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.

« Inspiré d'un fait réel, communément appelé Les Réunionnais de la Creuse, ce film retrace le parcours de deux enfant réunionnais, Camélien 10 ans et de sa sœur Lenaïs 5 ans, arrachés à leur mère afin de contribuer à la politique de repeuplement des campagnes françaises. Nous sommes à l'hiver 1963 dans une ferme isolée de la Creuse… ».

In partnership with Eunic Bordeaux Aquitaine, the Rahmi and the Musée d’Aquitaine.

La galette des rois

8th January 2018- Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

We celebrated the Epiphany of the arrival of the three Kings. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn more about the origins of this feast day and sample the traditional King’s cake – ‘galette des rois’.


Christmas Evening  

Décembre 2017 - Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

This Christmas Evening is for learners and staff at the Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine, and is a great opportunity to enjoy an evening together to round off the year.
Schedule for the evening includes a cocktail and gift lucky dip.

Encounter on Europe and Culture

Wednesday 31st May 2017 – Departmental Council of Gironde

As part of the ‘Joli mois de l’Europe’, EUNIC Bordeaux Aquitaine Aquitaine (Alliance Française, Goethe Institut, Institut Camoes, Instituto Cervantes and Società Dante Alighieri) set up a meeting focussing on culture and Europe.

“Crushed by the logical mindset of finance and economy, culture cannot be an adjustment variable. Never has culture been so vital, so alive and so crucial. Culture alone cements our feeling of belonging to a community of human beings. It thwarts the violence of cultural isolationism and gives meaning to our values and civilisation. Our civilisation is in danger, and we must act upon that. The situation is urgent.” These are the thoughts that Jérôme Clément has put together around the issue of the importance of culture in the construction of Europe.

The showing of the exhibition ‘Bordeaux, destination vélo’

From January to March 2017- Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

The organisation Velophonie and AFBA were delighted to welcome you to the exhibition "Destination Vélo". Students, partners, guests and visitors enjoyed the opportunity to explore the art of fine living French style - more specifically Bordeaux style - through the biking culture.
The exhibition will then travel to several Alliances Françaises worldwide.


EUNIC Evening : "Speak Dating"

26th September 2016 - Goethe Institut

On European Languages Day, EUNIC Bordeaux Aquitaine invites locals and foreign students to speak European languages in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Exhibition of works by the artist Christelle Ottaviano 

Between 30th June and 16th September 2016

Following the exhibition for the photo contest "dis-moi dix mots" created by students, it was the turn of the local Bordeaux artist Christelle Ottaviano to invite visitors on a journey through her pictures.

Christelle Ottaviano loves to paint people and their deepest expressions. She is an accomplished paint artist, and brings all the force and intensity of her works to the visual expressions. Her canvases reveal an incredible power, the portraits embodying all of the spirituality of cultures and traditions of elsewhere. The pictures are subtle and almost silent, and are illuminated by the effect of contrasts. They are smiling and welcoming too, revealing the faces and mindsets of American-Indians, Africans and Asians among others.

Euroregion, an unsung cooperative space

Wednesday 18th May 2016 – Aquitaine Museum

As part of the Europe Fete, Eunic Bordeaux Aquitaine has been highlighting cross-border cooperation through transnational organisations that are the Euroregions. Among those involved are:   

• Jean-Michel Arrivé, President of the Gironde European Movement
• Mathieu Bergé, regional advisor in charge of the trans-border cooperation and Euroregion

Screening of movie ‘La cour de Babel’ by Julie Bertuccelli (2013)

Sunday 3rd April 2016 – Aquitaine Museum

As part of the ‘Memories in Images’ sequence in partnership with the RAHMI (the Aquitaine Network for History and Memory of Immigration) and EUNIC (National Cultural Institute of the European Union).

Synopsis: They have just arrived in France. They are Irish, Serbian, Brazilian, Tunisian, Chinese and Senegalese…for a year, Julie Bertuccelli filmed the interactions, conflicts and joys of the group of high school students aged between 11 and 15, all brought together in the same induction class to learn French.


Alliance in resonance: Korea in Cadillac 

Tuesday 13th October 2015 - Cinéma Lux de Cadillac

AFBA has joined up with the ‘Alliance in resonance’ programme, bringing Korea to us. The director of Alliance Française at Busan Mr Alexandre Labruffe and Mr JEON Soo-il the producer came along to visit us at the Alliance and show the movie ‘With a girl of black soil’ at the Cinéma Lux at Cadillac. This is more than just a movie show – it’s also a day of cultural interaction taking place at Cadillac.  

International cocktail event 'special fête of music'

Thursday 18th June 2015- Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

The fête of music is an unmissable event in French cultural life. It’s an evening filled with music and cocktails, open to all Alliance students that are able to sing or play a few tunes from their own countries.

EUNIC debate: 'European youth and the world of work: downturn to recovery?' 

Thursday 21st May 2015 - Institut Cervantes

As part of the ‘Joli mois de l’Europe’, the Eurofeel organisation in partnership with EUNIC presented the debate, with the participation of:

• Marie-Thérèse SANCHEZ-SCHMID, former European elected representative
• François DUBET, sociologist

EUNIC Conference ‘Wine and vineyards in the Middle Ages – the genesis of a European tradition’ by Sandrine Lavaud

Tuesday 19th May 2015- Institut Cervantes

Sandrine Lavaud is a University lecturer in medieval history (AUSONIUS).


Concert of Basque songs for cardiac surgery sponsorship

Tuesday 14th April 2015 – Notre-Dame Church of Bordeaux

Nearly 500 people turned up to listen to the men’s choir Etxekoak and the mixed choir Anaitasuna.  Proceeds were used to finance an operation on a child suffering from a cardiac malformation.  
Thanks to everyone who took part!

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