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As part of a teaching project supervised by their teacher Mrs Delphine Ronchon, B1 level students (Hye-Jin, Zhijia, Dario, Dime, Vanda, Sonya, Bob, Chelo, Rebecca, Julia and Ruigi) have set up an AFBA book box.

Whilst the class’s objectives were focussed around citizen action, environmental awareness, paying tribute to craftsmanship in public spaces and reading, the general public was given the opportunity to learn more about the book box initiative that is flourishing in many French towns for the duration of a week – so it was decided to create one for Alliance students.

The idea of the book box is to make books available to the general public. You put one in the box, and swap it for another one that you take out. The idea of the initiative is to easily get yourself a book free of charge, thereby encouraging access to books. It stimulates sharing, togetherness and discussion around books, generating social connections. It is also environmentally friendly, since books that you don’t want anymore can be ‘recycled’.    

A complete teaching initiative

Having been reminded of the benefits and importance of reading, learners also got to understand more about the reading habits of French people and talk about their own. The class found that what really got in the way of reading was mainly the price of a book. Working on this basis, the teacher suggested that they explore initiatives designed to facilitate access to books. They considered how travelling books might work, and then the book box. Once the box had been set up, learners got on with a publicity campaign that involved distributing information and explaining the principle of the box to all Alliance learners. In order to achieve this, they put together a press release for Alliance social networks. They also created an advertising poster and drew up a presentation speech to be sent out to all classes so that the box could be introduced, as well as writing up user instructions and leaflets for the inauguration.

The project was an opportunity for learners to think about books in a new way. Their involvement revealed great interest in the box – a box that gives a second life to books, recycling in a modern way, and encouraging discussion and friendship. They had to call upon their creative instincts and work together, helping each other to progress forward in their learning as a group. From a linguistic point of view, they used the vocabulary of books and literary genres, timetables, talking about habits, descriptions of procedures and so on – all tools that are needed to get through each of the project’s different stages.

The project could well spread across the Alliances Françaises network – learners will go on language stays at several centres, facilitating the circulation of the books – so watch this space!

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