Find below the DELF/DALF exam results for the October 12-14, 2022 session.

The certificates are available at the reception of the Alliance Française Bordeaux. We remind you that no results will be communicated by phone or email.

Numéro candidatExamenRésultat
33133043454DELF A1Admis-e
33133043456DELF A2Admis-e
33133043457DELF A2Admis-e
33133043458DELF A2Admis-e
33133043459DELF A2Admis-e
33133003886DELF A2Admis-e
33133043460DELF A2Non admis-e
33133043388DELF A2Non admis-e
33133043461DELF A2Admis-e
33133043462DELF A2Admis-e
33133043463DELF A2Admis-e
33133043464DELF A2Admis-e
33133043465DELF A2Admis-e
33133043466DELF A2Non admis-e
33133043467DELF A2Admis-e
33133043468DELF A2Admis-e
33133043469DELF A2Non admis-e
33133043470DELF A2Non admis-e
33133004755DELF A2Non admis-e
33133043471DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043472DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043473DELF B1Admis-e
33133043274DELF B1Admis-e
33133043474DELF B1Admis-e
33133043475DELF B1Admis-e
33133043476DELF B1Admis-e
33133043477DELF B1Admis-e
33133043478DELF B1Admis-e
33433212158DELF B1Non admis-e
33133004096DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043479DELF B1Admis-e
33133043480DELF B1Admis-e
33133004969DELF B1Admis-e
33133043234DELF B1Admis-e
33133043389DELF B1Admis-e
33133043481DELF B1Admis-e
33133043260DELF B1Non admis-e
33117001069DELF B1Admis-e
33133043482DELF B1Admis-e
33133043483DELF B1Admis-e
33133043484DELF B1Admis-e
33133043485DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043486DELF B1Non admis-e
34028002403DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043487DELF B1Admis-e
33133043488DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043489DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043490DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043491DELF B1Admis-e
33133043492DELF B1Admis-e
33133004754DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043493DELF B1Admis-e
33133043494DELF B1Admis-e
33133043495DELF B1Admis-e
33133043496DELF B1Admis-e
33133043497DELF B1Non admis-e
33133043498DELF B2Admis-e
33556073603DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043499DELF B2Admis-e
33133004261DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043500DELF B2Admis-e
84042012653DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043501DELF B2Admis-e
32041004045DELF B2Admis-e
33133043502DELF B2Admis-e
33133043503DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043504DELF B2Admis-e
33133043351DELF B2Admis-e
33133004236DELF B2Non admis-e
33133004062DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043505DELF B2Admis-e
33133043506DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043507DELF B2Admis-e
33133043508DELF B2Admis-e
33133043509DELF B2Non admis-e
33133043510DELF B2Admis-e
886002010059DELF B2Non admis-e
886007002472DELF B2Admis-e
33133004463DELF B2Admis-e
82002035918DELF C1Non admis-e
33133043455DELF C1Admis-e
33555002108DELF C2Non admis-e

How can I pick up a certificate or a diploma at AF Bordeaux?

  • In person upon presentation of a valid ID,
  • By a third party upon presentation of an identity document and a power of attorney (attestation on honour). The power of attorney must include the surname and first name of the person withdrawing the certificate as well as the serial number of his or her identification document.

Our opening hours

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8h30 – 17h00
  • Wednesday: 8h30 – 13h30
  • Friday: 8h30 – 16h00