Find below the DELF/DALF exam results for the December 7-9, 2022 session.

The certificates are available at the reception of the Alliance Française Bordeaux. We remind you that no results will be communicated by phone or email.

Numéro candidatExamenRésultat
033133004596DELF A2Admis-e
033133043511DELF A2Admis-e
033133043460DELF A2Admis-e
033133043512DELF A2Admis-e
033133043513DELF A2Admis-e
033133043514DELF A2Admis-e
033133043515DELF A2Admis-e
033133043516DELF A2Non admis-e
091022012392DELF A2Admis-e
033133043517DELF A2Non admis-e
033133043518DELF A2Admis-e
033133043519DELF A2Admis-e
033133043227DELF B1Admis-e
033133043529DELF B1Admis-e
033133043530DELF B1Admis-e
033233000696DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043569DELF B1Admis-e
033133043531DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043532DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043533DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043534DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043535DELF B1Admis-e
033313000435DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043536DELF B1Admis-e
033133004538DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043537DELF B1Admis-e
033133043538DELF B1Admis-e
033117001069DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043539DELF B1Admis-e
033556003745DELF B1Admis-e
033133043540DELF B1Admis-e
033133004445DELF B1Admis-e
033133043541DELF B1Admis-e
033133043244DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043246DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043542DELF B1Admis-e
033133043543DELF B1Admis-e
033133043544DELF B1Admis-e
033133043545DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043546DELF B1Admis-e
033133004553DELF B1Admis-e
033133043547DELF B1Admis-e
033133043548DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043362DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043549DELF B1Admis-e
033133043550DELF B1Admis-e
033133043551DELF B1Admis-e
033133043552DELF B1Admis-e
033133043182DELF B1Non admis-e
033133043553DELF B1Admis-e
033133043554DELF B1Admis-e
033133043555DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043556DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043557DELF B2Admis-e
033133043558DELF B2Admis-e
033133043559DELF B2Admis-e
003133043560DELF B2Non admis-e
886002012796DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043561DELF B2Admis-e
033133004995DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043443DELF B2Admis-e
033133043525DELF B2Admis-e
033133043562DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043563DELF B2Admis-e
033133043565DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043492DELF B2Admis-e
033133043566DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043567DELF B2Non admis-e
033133043568DELF B2Admis-e
033133043521DALF C1Admis-e
230232010261DALF C1Non admis-e
033133043522DALF C1Admis-e
033133043523DALF C1Non admis-e
033133043524DALF C1Admis-e
033133043526DALF C1Admis-e
033133043525DALF C1Admis-e
033133043527DALF C1Non admis-e
007487007533DALF C1Admis-e
033133043528DALF C1Admis-e
886002001681DALF C1Admis-e
593004005438DALF C1Admis-e
007863008699DALF C2Non admis-e
007863008599DALF C2Non admis-e
033067005105DALF C2Admis-e
033133043520DALF C2Non admis-e
033133003610DALF C2Non admis-e
033133004410DALF C2Non admis-e
033056012021DALF C2Admis-e
054001031141DALF C2Non admis-e

How can I pick up a certificate or a diploma at AF Bordeaux?

  • In person upon presentation of a valid ID,
  • By a third party upon presentation of an identity document and a power of attorney (attestation on honour). The power of attorney must include the surname and first name of the person withdrawing the certificate as well as the serial number of his or her identification document.

Our opening hours

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8h30 – 17h00
  • Wednesday: 8h30 – 13h30
  • Friday: 8h30 – 16h00